The webinar sessions will be held every Thursday at 9:30-11am Pacific Time live on Zoom (register to receive updates and zoom link), recordings will be posted on YouTube for those who can't attend at that time.

Starting date: July 9th (offline Q&A on introductory material).

All recordings will be available on YouTube.


Jul 9

Jul 16

Jul 23

Jul 30

Aug 6

Aug 13

Aug 20

Aug 27

Sep 3

Sep 10

Sep 17

Sep 24

Sep 28

Oct 1

Intro Week

A Shallow Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch

A Modern Guide to Hyperparameter Optimization

Deep Generative Models

Reproducibility in Deep Learning


Uncertainty and Out-of-Distribution Robustness in Deep Learning


Incorporating Symmetry in Neural Networks (title TBC)

Distributed Large Batch Training [multi-node, multi-gpu] (title TBC)

Attention models (title TBC)

Solving PDEs using Neural Networks (title TBC)

Posters week

Molecular Representations (title TBC)

Evann Courdier (Idiap, EPFL)

Richard Liaw (AnyScale, UC Berkeley)

Aditya Grover (Stanford University)

Koustuv Sinha (McGill University)


Balaji Lakshminarayanan (DeepMind), Jasper Snoek, Dusting Tran (Google Research)


Tess Smidt (Berkeley Lab)

Swetha Mandava (Nvidia)

Rami Alrfou (Google Research)

Maziar Raissi (University of Colorado Boulder)


Zachary Ulissi (Carnegie Mellon University)