Evann Courdier (Idiap - EPFL)


I am a french PhD student from EPFL working on fast image segmentation networks for drones. I got a master degree in general engineering from Mines Paris Tech university and a second master degree in Math and Machine Learning from ENS Paris. I instructed the Pytorch Intro Tutorial at AMLD in 2019 and 2020 - and I have used Pytorch for about 5 years. I am also assistant an instructor in EPFL Deep Learning lectures. When I am not training networks, you can find me hiking on Swiss mountains or meditating by its numerous lakes.


Introduction to Deep Learning in PyTorch

[slides, video]

Abstract: In this PyTorch introduction, we condense in one hour all the basic Pytorch knowledge you need to know for DL. We will look at the classical deep-learning training loop and explain how to implement each component using PyTorch, from dataloaders, to gradient computation, to learning rate schedulers. By the end, you will have an overview of the available DL tools that Pytorch provides and you will be able to write and understand common PyTorch code.